Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bible Character Study

Today, as I was reading the Bible (Psalm 106: 29-31), I came across a character named Phinehas. I am unfamiliar with him, but it says that when the Lord sent a plague, Phinehas had the courage to intercede and the plague was stopped. Ever since then, he was regarded as a righteous man. Hmm...who is this Phinehas? I want to know more! I will be doing the following exercise on Phinehas and will report my findings in the Comments Section.

Writing Exercise: Choose one character in the Bible (well known or not) and learn all you can. What about the character speaks to you? What lesson can you glean from him/her? Share in the comments section.

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  1. I actually "read up" on him recently...because I have always loved the name (shortened to Phin or Finn). I suggested this name to a pregnant friend expecting her 5th (she and her husband only use biblical names. So we "read up" on him. She had a girl Phin there. ;)

  2. Danielle, Thanks for sharing that.

    Here is Phin's story...

    Phinehas was a Jewish High Priest, the grandson of Aaron, and son of Eleazar the High Priest. Due to immorality and worship to Baal (or Heresy of Peor), Moses commanded that those idolators be killed. Zimri, the Prince of the Tribe of Simeon, openly protested this by taking a Midianite woman as his lover. Phinehas killed Zimri and his lover by impaling them with with a spear.

    For following God's command, God immediately ended a plague that had already killed 24,000 people. So, Phinehas' actions saved the people from death! God also favored Phinehas and all his descendants after that.

  3. Now I know who my next Bible Blogger will be!

  4. Brianna, Bring it on! I'm ready to read Phineas' Blog.