Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flowers - Brianna

In celebration of the season, Pam led our writing group on a short study of flowers in the Bible. We looked at scripture and talked about flowers that were special to each of us. Afterwards, we wrote, either about one of the scriptures or about our special flower.  I'll share one at a time.

Here is Brianna's:

We grow and flourish like a wild flower. 
(Psalm 103:15)

On my runs through the municipal park near my home, I see really pretty daisies growing along the pathways. I know they are wild because the park is not landscaped. There is no structure or symmetry to their placement. They simply grow in pretty little clumps here and there.

After running past these pretty wild flowers for several weeks, I decided to pick some. Well, honestly, I did more than simply pick a few blooms. Actually, I grabbed a handful at the base and pulled an entire clump out of the ground –roots and all. Afterwards, I hurriedly stuffed my stolen treasure into the undercarriage of the jogging stroller. Looking over my shoulder, I glanced worriedly around as if a township supervisor witnessed my floral theft and was about to charge me with grand-theft daisy, but there wasn’t another soul in sight.

By the time I returned home from my run, the daisies had wilted quite a bit, but I put them in a vase of water and after an hour, they perked right up, which I took as a good sign. I’ve bought daisies at garden stores and planted them in various areas around my yard, but they never thrive. In a matter of weeks they wither away to nothing and die. My hopes are high for this wild daisy I snatched from the side of a park trail. I figure if she was thriving in dry, sandy soil on the edge of concrete, she’s got a good chance of flourishing in my slightly more organic and rich soil at the edge of my driveway.

Although I felt a little guilty for ripping her out of her natural habitat, I know I did her a favor because the last time, I ran by her ‘old home’ her sister daisies had all been mowed over. So you see, I didn’t steal her; I saved her! Now I pray she grows and flourishes in my salvation as I grow and flourish in the salvation of Christ.


  1. I love your touch of humor, Brianna. And what a sweet twist at the end!

  2. I agree with Pam the ending was unexpected. Hope that daisy flourishes.