Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Vow by Cheryl Andreus

Our Vow

As we care for the spouses we love so much
We will feel God’s gentle, loving touch.
In “Health and Sickness” we said our vow
The time to honor that promise is now.
Some days are lonely; some days are sad
We have to focus on past times we’ve had.
This turn in our lives is not something we’d plan,
But in every trial we still see God’s hand.
The prayers that are answered;  the friends who have cared,
How Jesus has listened as our fears we have shared.
We pray that our faith will give us the strength
To find JOY in this journey, regardless the length.
We know that no matter what happens tomorrow
Our Lord will be with us in all of our sorrow.
So we walk with our loved one on paths yet unknown
And know that each moment we’re never alone.

Cheryl Andreus


  1. Cheryl, this is such a lovely, heartfelt expression of your love for and commitment to Frank. I thank God for your witness of His faithfulness in the face of great trial. Many blessings, my dear friend.

  2. Cheryl, How beautiful. Knowing your strength and faith in Jesus -- that is encouraging to us all.