Friday, March 8, 2013

Words that Sing Poem Series - Our Words

Art/photo by Dawn Hamsher, 2013
1st Writes did a study on "words that sing". It takes time and practice to find just the right word to get your point across.
For fun, we asked our writers to write a poem about words. I will share the poems this week. Here is the third one.

Our Words

We do not know just where or whom

Our heart-felt words might reach.

Our thoughts flow from our fingertips

To those we hope to teach.

A reader wrestles with our words--

They’re etched upon her mind.

God tiptoes by, inspires our prose,

Faith dawns and is refined.

As diamonds set in purest gold

Attract, intrigue, delight,

Words crafted by the love of God

Draw others to His Light.

©2013 Pamela D. Williams

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  1. I love the artwork you are creating for these posts, Dawn. Thank you so very much!