Saturday, February 1, 2014

Writing Promt: Map

Here's what another teen wrote on the writing prompt: Map. She had 7 minutes to write.

By Laurie

I act like I am surprised, but I'm really not. There is a map that shows on my hand beneath the dirt in the creases. Only I know it's a map. I've guess I've known that ever since I was a little girl, although I never truly thought it was true, till now. 

Now, I can finally find my way to freedom, finally out of this prison. Wait! I hear footsteps and see a figure in the distance, so I quickly wash the dirt off my hands and my map. Freedom will have to wait for another time.

"Sara! What are you doing out here? You should be in your bed chamber!"

"Yes, sorry, My Lady, I was just washing up after the work."

What do you think? What kind of prison is Sara in? 
How did the map get on her hand?