Thursday, October 25, 2012

To Write by Karen Kingsbury

You hold the pen of hope and healing,
you who tell of fear and feeling.
Power to touch the jaded soul;
power to make the broken whole.
To entertain, to intertwine,
to take us back in tests and time.
Write you must--now go from here;
write and keep the Savior near.
Now, Spirit, lead us every page;
through our words, be center stage.
Give us love for those who read;
give us words so they might see.
Author God, now through your power
guide us from this very hour.
Let us tell of love and light
and grant us strength so we might write."
~Karen Kingsbury
A Novel Idea: Best Advice on Writing Inspirational Fiction.

Photo by Oliver Hammond
shares advice on the craft of writing, including tips on brainstorming ideas, crafting and marketing a novel, what makes a Christian novel “Christian” and how to approach tough topics from best-selling Christian fiction writers including Jerry B. Jenkins, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, and many more.

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