Monday, July 22, 2013

Writing Prompt - Summertime (Patti)

It's been awhile since 1st Writes has gotten together, so we're doing a summer writing prompt. We'll post them this week and maybe next. The first one up is from Patti Clugston.

Photo by Patti Clugston, 2013

by Patti Clugston

Walking outside makes me imagine what it must feel like in the tropics.
 Chickens are jungle fowl, but the heat is very hard on them.
The hens stand around, beak open, wings propped out from the body. 
They stay in the shade, under the Lilac bush, dug into the dirt.
Dust bathing is a favorite activity. 
They look like they are having a seizure or dying, wings flapping, dust flying, but the dust cools the skin off under the feathers. 
Egg production drops off, it is just too hot. 
I take bowls of ice cubes up to the shady nap spot a few times a day. 
They seem to appreciate it. 
Snickers, my favorite bunny, gets a fan & a large frozen water bottle every day to beat the heat. 
She spreads out beside the coldness & relaxes.
 The ice becomes her best friend.
 I treat her with cold carrot chips & she is a happy bunny.
 Trying to keep everyone cool in the summer heat.

Photo by Patti Clugston, 2013


  1. I love your description here, Patti, and the pictures are priceless!

  2. I love your first picture! My own WIP is full of chickens. It was fun coming here and seeing your chicken picture. It reminded me that I need to get to work. Great bunny name, too.