Sunday, February 19, 2012

Buttons - Coat of Arms

Pam brought a jar of buttons to writing group. She poured the buttons out on the table. We could pick any button to write about for 10 minutes. For the next few days, I'll share our button stories.
Coat of Arms by Dawn Rennhack

What a shiny button I am with my coat of arms which may represent some family from long, long ago. Was I on a uniform I wonder? Or was I on a beautiful dress or even on a nice, crisp jacket that someone cherished so many years ago?

How many people touched me as I was handed down from generation to generation?  Were any of them famous?  Did my coat of arms represent a wealthy family? Or a pauper's family who wore me proudly until the outfit wore out? Was I then removed and placed carefully on the dresser till I got pushed aside and ended up in this jar with all these other misplaced buttons? 

I wonder if I will once again have a garment to hang on or if I am destined to sit in this jar forever? Buttons are so one of a kind, so individual that anyone can find one for their liking.

I long for the day that I will once again be the chosen one--the perfect button for that dress or uniform that will make someone very happy.  I will be polished up and will look like new. Oh how I long for that day for me and these other buttons, the day we find good homes once again.


  1. Dawn R. - It is so fun to think about where each button came from and what type of clothing it was worn on. I like the coat of arms one that you picked out. Thanks for letting us share it on the blog.

  2. Dawn it definitely got me thinking. I've come across some beautiful buttons and its great to think about the lives of the owners before and the new lives that they will have...This is a great exercise that you all are doing! Amanda

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