Thursday, February 9, 2012

Promises, Promises

As First Writes continues our study through Psalm 119, let’s take a closer look at verses 49-73. Among many other things, Psalm 119 speaks a lot (8-9 times in the first 73 verses) about promises—both our promises to God and God’s promises to us.

The psalmist reminds God of His awesomely loving promises--promises of salvation (40), mercy (58) and goodness (65). By planting our trust in these promises of God, we harvest strength (28), renewal (40), hope (49), and life (50). Isn't God's generosity amazing?

The psalmist also makes a promise of his own. He promises to obey God’s laws (57); to follow His instructions (59). As a result of keeping this promise He gains understanding (32) finds freedom (45) attains happiness (56, 70), avoids traps (61), and is unharmed by those who spread lies about him (69). Who could ask for anything more?

How about you? What promises have you made to God? Have you ever made promises to Him about your writing?

Dawn Hamsher, a member of First Writes, is crafting her first book. As she creates and edits and polishes, she keeps the following at the top of each page of her manuscript as a way to keep her work godly and to remind her that God is the creative force behind her (writing:

May God bless this work and guide my hand. Never let me forget this is His work and for His glory!

Though Dawn penned these statements as a prayer, I see two promises crouching in those words—a promise to remember that what is flowing from her fingertips to the computer screen is God’s work, and a promise to reflect all the glory the book receives back to God--promises all of us need to make who are writing for Him.

Are you reading Psalm 119 along with us? What insights have you found in verses 49-73 that we can apply to our writing? We would love to have you share them in the comments section.

Many blessings!
Pam Williams


  1. I haven't been keeping up with you, but I will be reading there tonight!

  2. Great blog! Psalm 119 is one of my favorite Psalms...all about the Word of God. I'll be checking in more often.

  3. I read through that section. Certain words stood out to me: keep the Laws, live by the Statutes, stand on Promises. I wondered if the writer was reminding himself or if he was affirming to God that he understood what was expected of him.

    1. We wondered the same thing. It seems like the writer was affirming to God and living as he should. It is so good for us to read it though and be reminded what we should be doing.