Friday, February 24, 2012

Buttons - The Culver Button Factory

Pam brought a jar of buttons to writing group. She poured the buttons out on the table. We could pick any button to write about for 10 minutes. For the next few days, I'll share our button stories.

The Culver Button Factory
by Dawn M. Hamsher

Albert Culver smiled with satisfaction as he looked out over his factory. The sound from the machinery was loud as they pounded out gold metal uniform buttons. War was a nasty business, but it paid him well.

The ladies that used to sit covering buttons with fabric and snapping backs on them, now worked the extra equipment used to produce buttons for the military. Only a handful of men worked for the factory now -- ones not fit for military service. Albert didn't mind. The women did the job well enough and at half the men's wages. Yes, war was treating Albert just fine.

At half past one, Albert went to inspect the workers and the product. He knew how things were after lunch. No slackers allowed. So, he walked up and down each isle, commenting on slouching employees and picking up buttons. He held up buttons looking for imperfections. As he did so, a small smile would creep upon the corners of his mouth. He admired the brushed gold, quarter-sized button featuring the eagle with outstretched wings--his own design. The "Superior Quality" engraved on the back and the solder of the loop were impressive. But most of all, he liked his name on the front, under the eagle--the name "Culver". 

His name would be on all the soldier's uniforms as they went to other countries. After the war, he might even get business from Germany, from Russia, who knows -- all because his name was there.

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