Monday, January 7, 2013

Do you need a swift kick?

Fellow Writers (my dear, dear friends), 

What have you been writing lately? 

(insert sound of snowflakes falling)

What?! No sounds of pencil scratching on paper?

Don't let the winter doldrums get you down! Set your New Year's resolution to write something every day or, at the very least, every week!

I am here to encourage you to WRITE!  Get out that pencil and get moving! I expect a full report by COB tomorrow.


P.S. Here is my report:
  • Finishing up a devotion called "Believing" about tough faith questions for
  • Working on another devotion about a broken relationship.
  • Planning to type up my edited book manuscript (scribbles, red marks, and all)....pray!

And just for fun -- if you really have writer's block, try writing on this photo prompt.


  1. Yor are awesome! I was laughing!! Does it count if I write in my head!? Guess I will start back up with the prayers first! Thx for encouraging!

  2. I should write about where a Blessing can be found when your New Year starts with ... you a 10 minutes until your call can be received...... Bahhhhhh

    1. LOL. I'm sure there is a blessing in, that gives you time to brainstorm some writing ideas.

      Happy New Year, Uma the Great (I love it!).

  3. I have actually written two posts in a week! I'm getting my groove back!
    I have begun keeping a journible again--journaling what I feel God is saying to me when I read His word.
    I am starting on a devotional for one of the Chicken Soup books.
    I will talk with Dean Drawbaugh about my A to Z book.

    Thanks for the challenge, Dawn. I needed it.

    1. Pam, Yeah! Keep it going!

      Is your journible like the one we did in class (with specific verses) or just a personal one that you write on with any scripture you read?