Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finding Our Niche: Opportunities for Christian Writers

Kim Carpenter

Ethel Herr, in her God-inspired resource, An Introduction to Christian Writing: An In-depth Companion to the Complete Writing Experience.: says that the highest goal of our writing ministry will always be to “see people transformed by the power of God through what we have written.”

As we craft our words, who do we visualize reading our work? To what niche is God calling us as Christian writers? Ethel Herr suggests asking ourselves a few questions to clarify God’s vision for our writing gift.
  1. Will I write for the secular or Christian markets?
  2. Will I write fiction or nonfiction?
  3. Do I want to write as a general outreach to a wide range of readers or for a limited, specialized readership?
  4. Am I seeking publication or am I writing strictly for personal use?
  5. What form do I want my writing to take? A book? Articles? Stories? Posts? Dramas? Poems?

As we begin to write, Ethel suggests 1) writing in the form we enjoy as readers; 2) starting small—a devotional for a meeting, a short skit for youth group; and 3) trying a variety of forms.

Pray first and then write a piece sharing God’s vision for your writing. Be sure to include your answers to all the questions above. Also share what writing form (novel, article, blog post, etc) you would like to attempt and what audience (children, youth, adults, women, pastors, etc.) you are striving to reach.

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