Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Memory of Ethel Herr

This semester 1st Writes is teaching from Ethel Herr's book, "An Introduction to Christian Writing". This morning I went to look up Ms. Herr's website. I wanted to thank her for writing the book and to tell her what a blessing it is to us, but I found that she passed away last October.

I did not know Ms. Herr, but she has given everyone who has read her book a gift by passing on her knowledge and wisdom from her many years of Christian writing. Thank you, Ms. Herr!

Here is a memorial blog for Ms. Herr.

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  1. We've talked so much about how our words live on and touch generations we will never know and people we will never meet. Ethel is an excellent example. I hope you will share about this on Wednesday evening.