Friday, November 4, 2011

Writing Devotions - Part 2

Susan Kane from The Contemplative Cat had some great questions about writing devotions, so I'm making a Part 2 to Writing Devotions. Thanks Susan!

Read Part 1.

Writing Devotions -- Part 2

How do you write a devotion?
1. Choose a publisher and follow their specific writer's guidelines.
2. Pray for God to help you write.
3. Think of one experience where you felt God's presence or guidance.
4. What is the theme of this experience (what did you learn)?
5. Write about the experience and stay focused on your theme.
6. Find scripture that fits the theme.
7. Write a short prayer that fits the theme. 
8. Have someone critique your devotion.
9. Pray that your devotion can be used by God to help someone else.
10. Double check that you've followed all writer's guidelines and submit to publisher.

Should a devotion have an overall theme?

Yes. Your devotion should not be a testimony or life story. It should focus on only one experience or reflection. Devotions are short, uplifting stories that will help a reader grow closer to God.  Theme examples: grace, love, tough times, depending on God, etc.

Where do you go to submit devotions?

Here are some publishers of devotions that I've looked into:

Upper Room
Weavings (by Upper Room)
Alive Now (by Upper Room)
Pockets (Devotions for Children by Upper Room)
Devozine (Devotions for Teens by Upper Room)
Wesleyan Publishing House (Vista)

Granola Bar Devotions (on-line)

For more on writing devotions, read Help! I Want To Be A Christian Devotion Writer by Donna Shepherd