Friday, October 28, 2011

Writing Devotions

Right now I'm working on a devotion. In case any of you are interested in learning to write a devotion, here are the basic parts.

  • Title
  • Scripture that relates
  • Body of Devotion: Personal reflection on God/scripture/prayer. Share an experience or moment that drew you closer to God.
  • Prayer that relates
  • Thought for the Day

Each publisher will have their own specific guidelines (word count, format, etc.), but this gives you a quick look at the basics.

One publisher of devotions is Upper Room. These devotions are just 250 words each. Check out Upper Room Sample (devotions start on page 8-9) and Upper Room Writer Guidelines.


  1. You would be so wonderful at writing daily devotions. Where and how do you begin? Do you have an overall theme? I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Susan, Good questions. I'll do another post in the next couple of weeks to answer your questions b/c others might want to know too.