Friday, October 14, 2011

Susquehanna Valley Writers Conference - Dawn Shares

Book by Jeanette Windle
Pam, Brianna, and I went to the Susquehanna Writers Conference last weekend. We decided to share some of the information we learned. I'll go first.

I attended two workshops presented by Jeanette Windle, a prolific writer and editor of political suspense novels. Below is a summary of the advice she gives to beginning novelists. The paragraph may not seem like much, but she says that most of the red-lining she does as an editor has to do with development.

1st Time Novel Writers need to take time and create plots, characters, and worlds that are well-thought out, believable and solid. Go back through and make sure that you don't have any loose ends, gaps, or extra unnecessary information. Also, keep the story moving by limiting the use of flashbacks. If you can, change a flashback into real-time action.