Saturday, October 22, 2011

1st Mentions . . .

Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week!

Dawn's Favorite: Clare B. Dunkle, Author, shares her insights about agents, about publishers, and about editors. (This is the author of The Sky Inside.)

Pam's Favorite: This week I happened upon Fred Warren's post at Speculative Faith entitled Call Writing. Fred’s words express my thoughts on the subject so well. I especially liked “. . . we have a duty to honor [God’s] guidance by pursuing it with all our heart and with as much excellence as we can muster, even if it’s writing silly little stories about spaceships, and fairies, and monsters.”

Brianna's Favorite: As I sat in bed nursing a cold, wishing for the energy to get up and accomplish anything, I happened to click on Encouraging Words for Writers. The very first post helped me to remember that sometimes priorities have to be adjusted when our health limits us: Priorities and Limitations.


  1. Pam, thanks for stopping by the Kindred Heart Writers blog and leaving a comment. You're in the drawing for one of the five books we're giving away at the end of the month.

    I also left a comment to your comment!


  2. I must check those out! I am always looking for posts that remind me to be true to whom God created in me.