Monday, October 17, 2011

See * Photo * Write

See*Photo*Write Every Monday!

An interesting, amusing, or startling photograph has the power to spark creativity and arouse the writer within.

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  1. This is the bedroom of my final sleep. In a forest I lay in a big feather bed, listening to my favorite song, holding my puppy, reliving my best memories, and eating from a picnic basket. I wait for my Heavenly Father to come and wake me.


    Oh boy, to my surprise, I walked into the woods and find this big ol’ feather bed! Without hesitation, I’m jumpin in! It’s rainin feathers and I’m just lovin it. Don’t know how or why it’s here but for this moment I feel like a kid again and I’m living John Denver’s Song “Grandma’s Featherbed”. Oh, I should mention, in my exuberance, I knocked out the bird’s nest...