Saturday, October 15, 2011

1st Mentions...

Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week!

Dawn's Favorite:  The Writing Life Too

I'm reading a great book on Character Development right now called Bullies Bastards & Bitches: How to write the bad guys of fiction. I looked up the author, Jessica Page Morrell, and found her blog, which I am sharing today. Ms. Morrell posts several times a week on characters and writing. Hope you enjoy it! (Sorry if the book title offends you. It is a good book.)

Brianna's Favorite:

Pam's Favorite: Looking for free photos for your blog? Thanks to Lorelle Van Fossen, who has been collecting a variety of resources for free photographs to use on websites and blogs, the hunt is over! Check out her Free Photos for Your Blog page, and search no more.


  1. That is a great place! Thanks for the suggestion for photos. I go to, but there is always porn mixed in with photos of teddy bears.

  2. Pam, Thank you. I will check them out!