Friday, June 24, 2011

Skit Writing for Church

My post today is a short skit that I wrote this week. My goal is to write 4-5 skits that will be lead-ins for church sermons. Here is the first one. I'd love any feedback.


“Questions” Skit Series

Question #1:
Why does God love me?

Sara: (walking to the front holding or wearing a sign and picking petals off a daisy) He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me. (last petal falls)

(addresses audience) Why does God love me? Do you ever wonder that? I do. I’m  a sinner and I keep sinning. I mean to keep promises, but I fail. One thing I do that I’m like addicted to is looking at people automatically judging them.  She’s fat, why can’t she just lose the weight? Doesn’t she have any self-control? She’s got tattoos all over her, why would she put them all over her body like that? What kind of woman would do that? Oh, did you see the color of that girl’s hair? Someone should have stopped her! It is soooo wrong! And that woman, she’s got like 5 kids, what was she thinking! Bet they are each from a different father. 

Then I look at my own self and I’m just disgusted. My life is a mess. In fact, my life might be more of a mess than any person I see on the street, so what right do I have to judge? I’m on husband number three and child number  two, both to different fathers. I can’t keep a job. I have anger issues. That’s what my last boss said. And that probably goes back to my childhood. I won’t even go there!

Well,  I’m here at church, but that doesn’t mean I’m believing it all. I mean, the preacher keeps saying God loves me, but...I’m broken. Why would he want something so broken? I sing some of those songs with the praise band and the tears just pour out of my eyes. Like the song that they just played about how much God loves me

Why does God love me so much? Why? I want it to be true, but I just can’t figure it out. (sets question on the box and leaves. Pastor enters and gives sermon on God's love.)

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  1. I like this skit, Dawn. I think it will resonate with many people. Can't wait to see this in the worship service.