Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Three Bloggers And Two Ducklings

Tonight the 1st Writes Bloggers got together on the campus of Wilson College.

Sitting along the stream, sipping tea, and discussing goals for this blog, we were delightfully surprised when two little ducklings waddled up to us. They were so friendly! They stayed throughout our meeting squeaking and nestling against our feet.

But those aren't the ducklings in the picture. Those two darlings are my husband's Easter present to our little girl. She named them 'Duck' and 'Geese.'

The little ducklings at Wilson reminded me so much of Duck and Geese, who are now full grown. They are two peas in a pod. Ever since my husband Dan brought them home, they've been inseparable, always snuggling together and rarely leaving each other's side.

They are a lot of fun to watch waddling around the yard or chasing our cocker spaniel. But they are definitely my husband's babies. They eat out of his hand and follow him around the yard.

Oh yes, they're cute and entertaining, but they are messy and constantly leave little piles of mess all over my walkway. I don't appreciate it and all attempts to keep them in the back of the yard have failed.

Oh who am I kidding? I haven't gone so far as to put up a fence. How can I? They want to be close to us (at least that is the human emotion I'm projecting on them). I would rather spend all day hosing down the sidewalk than make the ducks feel abandoned. I'm not heartless.

Which is also why those lost little ducklings are occupying my thoughts now, hours after we ended our meeting and went our separate ways. Before we left we prayed God would look after the ducklings and reunite them with their family. I trust that he will.

As for Duck and Geese, we are learning to live together, (although it isn't easy when they eat an entire flat of flowers I just planted). Dan is busy building a pond, and in the meantime, I think I've found a good location for their swimming pool. Dan replaced the devoured flowers and I replanted them out of a duck's reach unless she's terribly clever, which would surprise me with these two. Since I have to water the flowers anyway, hosing down the sidewalk isn't really that big of a deal, or so I'm trying to convince myself.

Just don't ask me what we are going to do when winter arrives!

I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you—the birds, the livestock and all the wild animals, all those that came out of the ark with you—every living creature on earth (Genesis 9:9-11 NIV).


  1. I told Dawn I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find you had taken the ducks home with you last night. You have such a great, big heart Brianna. I love that you share it with us.

  2. What a cute story! They sound so cuddly and sweet. Glad you had such nice visitors during your meeting.

  3. I'm really glad we went to Wilson. It was as if God was waiting to give us those little treats (the ducks and the deer) to enjoy.

  4. Cute AND messy, isn't that how life is sometimes? Great post! Blessings