Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st Mentions...Spotlight

I have a special 'mention' this week.

Pam, Dawn and I are all taking part in Rachael Harrie's Writer's Platform-Building Campaign. We would like to invite our 1st Writes' followers to join us!

The Campaign lasts from August 22-October 31, 2011. During that time participants have the opportunity to -

  • Meet new people.
  • Become part of a community.
  • Learn more about blogging.
  • Offer support and encouragement.
  • Gain support and encouragement.
  • Get insights from writers in your genre.
  • Offer insights to writers in your genre.
Please click over to Rachael's blog and read all about the Campaign. Once you are convinced it's a great idea, click here to sign up for a group in your genre. Pam, Dawn and I look forward to having you join us in the Christian devotional/article genre, but there are also groups for Non-fiction, Literary fiction, Short stories, Poetry, Beginning bloggers, Humor and more! You may even sign up for more than one group!

Hope to see you along the Campaign trail!


  1. Thanks, Brianna, for posting this. We all need encouragement as writers and this seems like a great place to give and receive!
    Pam at

  2. Hi ladies, I'm hopping over from the campaign to introduce myself! I'm in the Christian devotional group to (as well as many others). I mostly write fantasy, but on Sundays I post a devotional for writers on my blog.

    Look forward to reading more from you!