Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scripture in Picture

The story behind Scripture in Picture -
"A devotional writer is a student of scripture, not a novice." ~ Lin Johnson

As a Christian writer, I want to be able to quote scripture off the top of my head. Reading the Bible daily is spiritually uplifting, but I find that as the day progresses, I forget what I read. When I create a 'Scripture in Picture' I commit the words of God to memory. As a visual learner, I can remember the scripture by seeing the picture in my head.

The time I devote to creating the images and adding scripture keeps me in His presence and fosters a deeper relationship. If I can connect more deeply with God, then perhaps I can communicate that connection through my writing and touch the hearts of readers.


  1. Good idea. I put words onto photos a lot, but never thought of it as a way to memorize Scripture. Thanks.


  2. That is a beautiful way to internalize the scripture! Makes a lovely photo as well.

  3. This is such a great exercise for you, Brianna. I can see where creating the picture with the Scripture would drive those words home. Very nice!
    Pam at

  4. This image makes me want to just sit down and bask in God's presence. Ahhhh.....