Sunday, August 7, 2011

Writing Resources: Daily Devotions for Writers

Have you ever wished you could refresh your memory about long-ago-learned grammar rules? Do you sometimes need a writing nudge? Are you wondering where you might market a piece?  

Beginning today, Pam Williams will be posting on some of the many books, classes, conferences, websites and online groups where writers can turn for information, inspiration and evaluation.
Do you have helpful reference books or writers’ websites you go back to again and again? There are several on my shelves and saved in my “Favorites” that I run to regularly when I am writing. Most of the books were purchased used, online at Abebooks, Amazon, or eBay; a few were gifts. Many of the online reference sites were recommended by my writing mentor, Eva Shaw or by fellow bloggers and writer partners.

As the intro to this post states, I am going to be posting some biased reviews of resources that have proven beneficial and at times, downright vital to my creative processes.

If at any time in the series you think of a writing resource you feel is especially helpful, please leave a note in the comments. Like every writer, I am always looking for recommendations.

Since I mentioned Daily Devotions for Writers in a recent post on my 2 Encourage blog, I am going to begin the series with this book.

When I felt led to start 1st Writes, (our local writers’ group, not the blog) I searched for months for a book of devotions geared to writers that I could use to open our meetings each week. It was a long and discouraging hunt.

Thankfully, just a few weeks before the 1st Writes kick-off date I found Daily Devotions for Writers. It was written by members of The Writing Academy, a non-profit organization founded in 1982 by Christian writers to support beginning and published writers of all genres and to encourage writing excellence.

The list of contributors is quite extensive and includes author and speaker Patricia Lorenz (who compiled and edited the book), Melanie Rigney (former Writer's Digest editor), Dennis E. Hensley (Professional Writing Program Director--Taylor University), Julie Sevig, (Associate Editor--The Lutheran magazine), Tommie Lenox (video producer and author of Crying in the Wilderness, a Voice for America's Children), Kathleen Deyer Bolduc (disabilities speaker and author of His Name is Joel: Searching for God in a Son's Disability), and Barbara Crooker (author of two poetry books Radiance and Line Dance). Other contributors to Daily Devotions for Writers come from varied professions and walks of life and all levels of writing experience.

I found Gail Welborn’s review of Daily Devotions for Writers particularly helpful. “During the summer of 2007, Academy member, Patricia Lorenz, suggested the group publish a book of devotions written specifically for writers...The true short stories feature author’s joys and struggles, and are specifically designed to encourage writers. Devotions include a brief illustration, prayer, and quote. For instance, Agnes Lawless, Washington, wrote about the need to submit her writing to God. . . She used her three-year-old son’s impatience with a new toy to depict her theme. She asks the Lord to teach her, and quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson’s, 'More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.' ... Written for writers, by writers, these 366 daily devotions share real-life writing experiences to encourage and inspire writers to continue to hone their craft and share their writing gifts. All writers will benefit from it. It belongs on every writer’s bookshelf.”

Gail’s glowing recommendation says it all!

Blessings upon blessings!

Psst. Amazon offers great deals on used copies of Daily Devotions for Writers. Check it out!