Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Writing Resources

Pam has started a series on 1st Writes featuring her favorite resources for writers. I couldn't resist adding my two cents.

For grammar, I like Mignon Fogarty's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

and The Grammar Devotional, which breaks down rules into bite-size pieces for a daily nutritious grammar snack.

Fogarty writes in a unique style that is conversational more than educational. Reading about grammar is fun with Grammar Girl.

For example -
To say someone is 'completely dead' or 'very dead' is considered bad form, although occasionally it may make sense to modify an absolute for emphasis. If Big Lips Johnny is questioning whether you've completed your hit, go ahead and say, 'Yeah, boss, he's totally dead." Grammar police are the least of your concerns (p. 204 The Grammar Devotional).
Both books are available at or through her website: Quick and Dirty Tips

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  1. Thanks, Brianna! These look like helpful resources serving a little humor alongside!