Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Writing Resources: The Successful Writer's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles

All serious writers work hard at improving their skills. Just look at the popularity of blogs like Lynda Young’s W.I.P. It and websites like Writer’s Digest.

However, being honest, we sometimes use studying a huge tome about writing as an excuse for not writing. “How-to writing books can be a powerful form of procrastination for writers,” Reverend Deborah Tinsley Taylor, poet and pastor says.

The Successful Writer's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles by writing teacher Eva Shaw, PhD, is different. In just 168 pages Eva provides the essentials to compete in the magazine writing marketplace. She leads the way through the maze of submitting material—from the inception of an idea all the way to seeing articles in print.

Through her book, Eva challenges, equips and encourages the tentative writer to submit. Writer and columnist, Dera Williams of Oakland, CA, says, “This book is a must for anyone interested in writing magazine articles and selling them. Dr. Shaw writes as if she is sitting down and talking to you directly.”

The Successful Writer's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles  covers the nuts and bolts of writing. Chapters offer tips and instructions for setting goals and priorities, where ideas come from, business practices. writing terminology, timelines for submissions, how to approach an editor, how to gracefully handle a rejection, query writing musts, and research tips and reference guides.

I consider Eva Shaw one of my best writing mentors. Eva teaches classes on writing through Ed2Go.com, including a class based on this book! Eva’s God-given gift of encouragement shines through, motivating and nudging every writer to exert the time and effort to reach publication.

Happy reading!

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  1. This looks useful, and not lengthy enough to be overwhelming. I will check into it.