Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Fortune To Write About

Tonight during the first official 1st Writes meeting of the fall, we did a fun writing exercise to warm up and get to know each other better.

Pam brought in fortune cookies and we wrote for 7 minutes on the message in our cookie.

The words on my slip of paper weren't proverbial, enlightening or inspirational, but nevertheless I wrote for 7 minutes.

After time was up, we took turns sharing our writing. After the third member read her fortune, I thought, "boy, did I get a lousy cookie!"

And that's exactly what I told the group before I read my fortune:
Learn Chinese - Roast Duck

Well, it turns out that I should have read the other side of the slip of paper, which never occurred to me. In my defense, I rarely eat Chinese food and my husband usually eats my fortune cookie. But still, how dense could I be?

Despite my moment of absentmindedness, it was a great meeting. I'm looking forward to all we are going to learn and write this fall.


  1. You did very well for "Learn Chinese - Roast Duck"! I'm sorry we all laughed, but the laughing sure felt good. It helped get the group off to a joyful start.

  2. Oh, Brianna, your faux pas was just what the group needed to put everyone at ease. Thank you for being such a good sport about it AND a great writer in the face of a challenge!