Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Man by Cheryl Andreus

Cheryl  Andreus, a member of 1st Writes, wrote this poem for her husband Frank.
Frank has a rare, treatment-resistant form of multiple myeloma
and will begin the three-week process for a stem cell transplant September 26th.
Please keep Frank and Cheryl in your prayers.


by Cheryl Andreus

Through all the years that we’ve been wed
I’ve truly felt God’s plan.
I know that Frank was meant for me.
God gave me quite a man! 

His gentleness belies his strength

He’s humble and he’s kind.
A man with more compassion would
Be very hard to find.

At night when we lay down to sleep,
His arms surrounding me
I realize how blessed I am
And just what love can be.

He is my caring husband and
I am his loving bride.
There’s nothing that I treasure more
Than being by his side.

We’ve had the normal ups and downs
That couples often do.
But, thankfully, our challenges
Have certainly been few.

Now we are faced with this great ‘beast’
Our world is torn apart
These are the times we learn to trust
And take God’s Word to heart.

As He has shown His love for us
By sending us His Son
We’ll love each other faithfully
Until our lives are done.

Together we have been so blessed
We’ve had the perfect life.
I thank my God for each new day
That I can be Frank’s wife!

God gave us quite a family
We love the way it’s grown
We pray that into each one’s life
A seed of faith’s been sown.

And now I ask your healing touch
Upon this man I love
Surround us with your Presence, Lord
And HOPE from up above.

©2011 Cheryl Andreus


  1. Cheryl, This is such a beautiful poem. I can hear love in every words. We continue to pray for healing for Frank.

  2. Beautiful poem, Cheryl. My prayers are with you both.

  3. Beautiful. Praying for both of you.
    Much love,

  4. Cheryl,

    This is a double-edged sword as I wanted to reach out to you as we've lost touch. I can see the love I witnessed in your words...
    Would love to hear from you!
    Karen Lambers

    1. Hi Karen! I would love to connect with you, too. Please send your email address to and I will get back to you. It will be so great to hear from you. Cheryl Andreus