Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writing Resources: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers

My friend and fellow blogger, Dawn Hamsher of The Write Soil has been reading Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. When she read the chapter on Dialogue Mechanics, she decided to create visuals exemplifying the fantastic tips she has found in the book. She is posting her illustrations on her blog as a series based on the book, so you might want to stop over there for a sample of what Renni Browne and Dave King have to say on editing.  I think Dawn should be on the marketing team because she sure sold me on this book!

It just makes sense that, by correcting problems before submitting a manuscript to an editor, writers can increase their chances for publication. While hundreds of books have been written about writing, Self-Editing for Fiction Writers teaches the techniques of editing, including the mechanics of dialog, exposition, interior monologue, characterization, point of view, etc.

Renni Browne and Dave King are experienced and professional editors. They cram a ton of practical information into each compact lesson, illustrating their points with examples drawn from the hundreds of books they have edited. And, at the end of every chapter are checklists and exercises to help writers apply the editing techniques and boost their WIPs a step closer to publication.

If you are a fiction writer, you will find Self-Editing for Fiction Writers a valuable addition to your library. It’s a book that’s been around for a while so check Abebooks.com, Amazon.com or eBay.com for a used copy and save lots of green!

Happy reading!

©2011 Pamela D. Williams


  1. I will have to check this book out. Another one for my list, and another reason to venture to Barnes and Noble. For my husband and myself, it is a sorta cheap date.

  2. I'll probably be checking out Dawn's blog, and maybe the book too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pam, A marketer? LOL! I'm slapping myself...that's so funny!

    I am really glad that you are liking my visuals. Blessings, my friend!