Saturday, March 3, 2012

Buttons - Something Blue

Pam brought a jar of buttons to writing group. She poured the buttons out on the table. We could pick any button to write about for 10 minutes. Here is our last button story.

Something Blue 
by Paula Bridegam

Something old and something new;
Something borrowed, something blue.
My friend's wedding day finally arrived. She was marrying her prince charming and I was her bridesmaid. She was at my house getting ready. She wore the most beautiful white dress, which was new. Something old was her favorite silver earrings she had worn as a teenager. Something borrowed was her sister's necklace. She needed something blue, but sadly didn't have anything. As we started out to the car to drive to the church, the bride noticed a little tear on the front of her dress. She was in a panic.

Can you find something to cover the tear?” she cried.

Running upstairs, I looked in my drawer and saw a tiny blue button.  Without thinking, I quickly grabbed a needle and thread. I sewed the tiny button to the dress covering the tear. As we finally got to the car my friend looked at me with a smile.

“Thank you! Now I have something blue,” she said.

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