Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Tool - The Hammer

At our last writing group, the prompt was..."A Tool". Today, we share Dawn R.'s response.

The Hammer
By Dawn Rennhack
Tools work very hard, all day long. Hammers, especially, come to mind. They are very useful tools and come in all shapes and sizes. They work hard whether it is repairing that loose board on the porch or building a masterpiece, a beautiful home, a garage, or a summer home.

The hammer is a very necessary tool to have if you wish to do much of anything. You can hang delicate pictures and even create works of art.

The hammer is one of the strongest tools. You can use the same one for years and years. You can even hand it down from generation to generation and it will still work as good as it did the very first day.

I remember my dad hammering all day long creating beautiful furniture. That furniture holds steadfast, sturdy and true to this day.

The hammer, what a wonderful tool!

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