Friday, March 30, 2012

A Tool - Spiritual Toolbox

One more on the writing prompt - "A Tool"...

Spiritual Toolbox
by Pam Williams

My husband always says if a person has the right tools, they can do any project well. As Christians, we have several tools in our spiritual toolbox:

The Bible—Basic to all projects are the instructions. The Bible is our manual for living the Christian life. All that we need to know as Christians is found in this one book.

Prayer—Power tools must connect to a power source. Prayer is our connection to our spiritual power source—the Holy Spirit of God.

Fellow Christians—Every hand tool in a toolbox wields a special purpose. In the same manner, each of us has God-given skills and purposes. We need one another’s spiritual gifts in order to fulfill God’s purposes for the church and for our lives.

So, what’s in your spiritual toolbox?

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