Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Banner

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"White Flag" by Chris Tomlin

“...the Lord is my Banner...Hold high the banner of the Lord!
Exodus 17:15

Banner - a graphic image that announces a name, identity, or product
Banners are everywhere. Pennants and clothing feature our favorite sports teams to show team spirit. Billboards sell merchandise and services. Banners on blogs give the first impression of who the author is and what the blog is about. Banners are a way to get your message out and good ones make people stop and take notice. 

In Exodus, Moses built an altar to God and named it "The Lord is my Banner." Moses then instructed the people to "hold high the banner of the Lord." What does that mean to us?

I think it means that we should treat our bodies as altars to God. The way we live, love, and share Christ is our banner. The song "White Flag" by Chris Tomlin declares complete surrender to God. Lifting the white flag high declares Christ has won and love has come. We can reflect that in all we do.

Have you accepted Christ? Do you boldly declare Him to be your Savior?  What does your banner look like?

©2013 Dawn M. Hamsher


  1. Very thought-provoking post, Dawn. Thank so much!

  2. Oh I'm loving this :)
    I blog on bhristan stuff at auntyamo.com
    but am doing AtoZ on my fiction blog
    Keep it coming x

  3. Great post, Dawn. His banner over you is evident.