Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zealous

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"The zeal of the Lord...will do this.'" (2 Kings 19:31)
King Hezekiah had received a letter full of bad news, threats vowing to destroy Judah, his kingdom. Hezekiah wasted no time; he "spread [the letter] out before the Lord."
As a result, God, the Divine Protector comes on the scene dressed as a warrior, clad in zeal, armed with holy fervor—and brings destruction to Judah's enemies. A holy accomplishment done, [God said] "Because you (Hezekiah)...prayed..."
In 2 Samuel 26, David describes God's zealous response to his cries. When his pleas "entered [God's] ears", God came riding the winds, the earth shook, the heavens thundered—the results of one man's prayer!
Maybe you have received some not-so-good-news, or threats. Do as Hezekiah did; spread your concerns out before God and pray. Then listen for the thunder.
©2013 Virginia Jelinek


  1. Loved the idea of listening, anticipating the thunder. We tend to think thunder, earthquakes and such are against us, when sometimes they're the answer we are looking for. Good one.

  2. Pam, I'm doing that! My image as I do that, though, is thick, white paint. I am painting a picket fence and every time I get angry at the situation, God tells me to paint some more. I paint up and down wit the white paint, painting on peace. He is working in the situation.

    Love your post. Spread your concerns out before God (or paint them). :0)