Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Deliverer

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And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve [me]
for His heavenly kingdom. To Him [be] glory forever and ever. Amen!
2 Timothy 4:18

Jesus is the one who delivers us from evil; He is our Deliverer.

Initially, He delivers us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Light. But His work of deliverance continues as we realize and acknowledge our need for freedom in certain areas. If we’re controlled by anything, we are captive to it.

I was a prisoner of alcohol, cigarettes, fear of heights, and emotional wounds but Jesus set me free from it all.  Food, shopping, jealousy, and pornography, are but a few additional areas where one can be held in bondage.

The good news is that Jesus, the Deliverer, is able and willing to set us free from all that has kept us imprisoned.   We must set our hearts and minds on Him and His love for us, and His forgiveness which was accomplished on the cross before we even sinned. We ask Him to set us free. We invite His Spirit to take control of us and then we enjoy His freedom, peace and love.

We must not allow ourselves to be discouraged.  Jesus is the one who will be doing the work.  Our job is simply to allow the enabling power of His grace to complete the work He has already begun in us.

Jesus is our Deliverer and His love is powerful! 

©2013 Sandy James


  1. Encouraging post, Sandy! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Well put, Sandy. He is indeed our deliverer!

  3. Thank you, Sandy, for this post. The last line leaves me oh so thankful..."Jesus is our Deliverer and His love is powerful!" Amen to that!

  4. Sandy, What a powerful message in this post! Thank you for sharing about things that held you in bondage.

    Thank God for our deliverer!

  5. Great theme for the a-z. I'm skimming them all in my feedly reader. Allowing God to deliver me from my worst issue - overeating - has felt like a losing battle. I know HE is all powerful and it IS possible, I just struggle! Thanks for writing about God - the best topic!
    from The Dugout