Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Trustworthy

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“Almighty LORD, you are God, and your words are trustworthy.”
2 Samuel 7:28

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Words are powerful. Thus I want to speak words of life, encouragement, and praise, not criticism, doubt, fear and discouragement. So how can I accomplish this?

By constantly monitoring my speech? But that seems like an insurmountable task. Oh, perhaps for a few minutes, or even several hours I could watch what I say but before long my attention would wander and out of my mouth would come complaining, worry, or criticism.

Luke 6:45 says that “out of the abundance of his heart, man speaks.” Once again I am reminded to partake of God's Word, to fill my heart and my mind with His Truth, bringing life to my soul and blessing, not cursing, to my lips. I will speak life, love, health, peace, and encouragement as I speak what God says. HIS words are trustworthy and true. 

©2013 Sandy James

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  1. How true. We are on the right track if we echo His words in our hearts and so in our mouths.
    Thanks, Sandy