Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Near

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Song "Come, Draw Near to God"

No other nation, no matter how great, has a god who is so near when they need him as the Lord our God is to us. He answers us whenever we call for help. (Deuteronomy 4:7 GNB)

It has been awhile (the whole winter season) since I felt near to God. It's my own fault. Lack of prayer and Bible reading has lead to DSS (Dry Soul Syndrome). My time with the Lord had been limited to 5 minute prayers before bedtime, like when I was a child.

"Hi Lord, it's me, Dawn. Amen."

Last month, I volunteered at a teen retreat and that was just what I needed to get right with God. Our youth pastor encouraged all of us to commit to reading the Bible. He handed out scrolls for us to write down our commitment (ex. daily for 10 minutes) and then we gave them up to God by placing them in the offering plate. As I began to pray daily, I began to feel God's presence again.

God is always near to us. It is us who stray. So, as the song says, "Come, draw near to God, he will draw near to you." It's true. Won't you draw near to him?

  ©2013 Dawn M. Hamsher


  1. I can so relate to DSS, Dawn! Guess we need to take some advice from Nike and "Just do it!" Inspiring post. Thank you!

    1. Pam, Yes! We we stray, I don't know. It is never worth it!

  2. Isn't is wonderful to know He's always with us waiting so patiently for us to get our focus back to HIm. Thank you Lord!

    1. Sandy, Yes. I can just imagine God shaking His head for the millionith time as I come back. Thank goodness He is just an awesome God!

  3. It's so much less injoyable to be me when I get myself into a DSS. I am astonished that I would let it happen again, but I do.
    Good reminder and good remedy. Thanks, Dawn

    1. Joan, I know, I do it too. Why are we such disobedient children? We must just keep trying.