Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Victorious

1st Writes is participating in the 2013 April A to Z Blogging Challenge.
This year our theme is "Attributes of God from A to Z".
Join us each day as we explore
the characteristics of our awesome God!

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He is righteous and victorious. Zechariah 9:9  

"What does 'victorious' mean?" I asked my daughter Makayla because I wanted my contributions to the 1st Writes A-Z Blogging Challenge to stay within a theme.

"When you run a race you are victorious," she answered.

"And who is always victorious?" I countered, figuring she would say mommy.

I was surprised when she said, "Well, he's bigger than the boogie man."

"Who is bigger than the boogie man?" I wondered, unsure that this was going anywhere.

"God! God is bigger than everything."

"You are so right, honey," I ruffled her hair.

"There's a song," she told me and started to sing, "God is bigger than the boogie man..."

"How does the rest of it go?" I asked, wanting to hear more.

"Mrs. Burkholder teached me but I forgot the rest because it's long."

"Maybe, she will sing it for you next time you go to school."

"Maybe. Can I have snack now?"

©2013 Brianna Renshaw

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  1. I love your conversations with Makayla! She gets it. And you get her. What a winning combo.